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Preparations from ivy leaf, or Hedera helix as it is known botanically, are well established for the relief of productive or chesty coughs.


In the Flordis Prospan range, a specific extract from the leaves of Hedera helix is used, called EA 575®. This extract is carefully obtained through a patented extraction process that helps ensure a consistent composition of ingredients. This is critical because it’s this specific extract EA 575 that’s been the subject of extensive clinical research ­– showing five action chesty cough relief in thousands of patients, both children and adults.1-8


Discover more about the exclusive EA 575 extract used in Flordis Prospan.

EA 575® in Prospan: Clinical studies

EA 575® has been investigated in numerous research publications, including clinical trials and observational studies, involving more than 65,000 patients.1

Lang et al., 20152

1066 school children
(aged 6–12 years)
studied over 1 week


of cough, expectoration, breathing symptoms due to a cold.

  • Additionally: improvement in symptoms was demonstrated after as little as 3.48 days

Study included Prospan, Prospan Drops and Prospan lozenges.*

Fazio et al., 2009 3

9657 patients
(aged 0-98 years*) 
studied over 7 days


  • Cough (93% of patients)
  • Clearance of chest mucus due to a cold (93% of patients)
  • Soothe and calming the chest (91% of patients)
  • Good or very good tolerability (97% of patients)

Study included Prospan.*

Schaefer et al., 2016 4

181 adults with acute cough (aged 18–75 years)
studied over 7 days

Significant improvement

vs. placebo for:

  • Cough severity over period of 7 days Relief within 48 hours

Study included Prospan Menthol.*

Bolbot et al., 2004 5

50 children
(2-10 years of age)
studied over 7–10 days

Significant improvement

  • Breathing symptoms due to a cold

Additionally : 96% of patients rated efficacy of Prospan 'good' or 'very good' and tolerability of Prospan rated as 'good' or 'very good' in 100% of patients

Study included Prospan.*

Kraft et al., 2004 6

52,478 children
(up to 12 years of age)

Retrospective survey confirmation

  • very good tolerability in a large group of patients

Study included Prospan.*

Maidannik et al., 2003 7

72 patients
(up to 15 years of age)
studied over 7–14 days

Positive results

  • Patients rated symptom reduction and efficacy as excellent or good in 87% of cases

Study included Prospan.*

Meyer-Wegener et al., 1993 8

99 patients
(aged 25–70 years)
studied over 4 weeks


  • Breathing symptoms due to a cold

Study included Prospan Drops.*

*Prospan and Prospan for Children are not to be used in children under 2 years without medical advice. Prospan Menthol and lozenges are not to be given to children under 6 years. Prospan Drops are not to be given to children under 12 years. These medicines may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase. These can be found in the dosage sections of the Prospan product web pages.  Follow the directions for use. If symptoms or coughing persist, talk to your health professional.

Prospan Difference

EA 575 vs. Ivy leaf 

Products with naturally sourced active ingredients can vary considerably depending on how they are produced. The specific EA 575 extract used in the Prospan range is produced using a rigorous and controlled process with careful consideration at every stage of creation. 


This helps to ensure the Prospan with EA 575  you are getting is high quality with a consistent amount and composition of active ingredient, consistently reliable, and the same as the medicine researched in clinical studies to deliver chesty cough relief.1

Prospan with EA 575: A Summary

Consistent quality

Rigorous processes, quality controls and extensive testing ensures that Prospan with  EA 575 can provide the desired health outcomes demonstrated in clinical studies.1

Over 65 years of research & development

Investigating the beneficial effect of Prospan with exclusive ivy leaf extract (EA 575) in patients with chesty coughs.1

20 research publications

Support the role of Prospan with EA 575 in relieving the symptoms of a chesty cough.3

World’s No. 1 selling ivy leaf product

Recommended and used by millions of people worldwide for reliable chesty cough relief. 13

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